Moved to new location and needed gas and water shut off valves for appliances. Dispatch was great with getting details and tech was able to fix my problem in short order before new appliances arrived. Made my day less stressful for sure. Thanks a lot

By Lynn Sullins on Aug 31, 2018

Very nice prompt service, very nice service reps, and excellent customer service

By Dori on Jul 15, 2018

My HVAC unit had been throwing the breaker that I had replaced the year before. I had two AC contractors look at it and both had differing opinions as to what was wrong. The first was right, but never came back to fix it. The second was so far off base, he wasn't even in the game. I called Gundlach's and they sent a technician out the same day. He not only found the problem and promptly fixed it, while he was on my roof, he cleaned all my solar panels that were within his reach. I didn't know he had done this until the next day when I was in a position to see my roof and noticed all the dust gone from the panels. The Technicians name is Dan. He is one in a million!

By Debra F. on Jun 26, 2018

Dan T. completed our spring servicing of our air condition system. He was thorough in covering everything in the system. He was neat, using booties when he entered the house. He changed out both filters, went into the attic to look at the condenser and also went outside to check on the compressor. He documented all his readings and findings on the inspection sheets. He noted that the refrigerant was a little low and asked if I wanted to charge the system. It was 13 years since we had charged the system and so it made sense that we could be a little low after all these years. He went over all the findings and cleaned up before getting my signature and leaving.

By Mark Sawaya on Apr 16, 2018

I called "On Time" first to work on floor heater. They called and said it needed to be replaced as you could not get parts to fix. $4,200.00. Then I found Gundlach's who went out and said "there was nothing wrong with floor heater, just needed to be relit. Yeah, love love love honest company's. Thank you so much.

By Teri M. on Dec 28, 2017

Daniel is easy going helpful and knowledgeable I will be requesting him again gundlachs is Christian owned and operated and they walk that walk they don't just talk that talk

By Pamela Pixton on Nov 21, 2017

By Kathryn DeFraga on Nov 01, 2017

We have been very pleased as customers of Gundlach's. We subscribe to their monthly service contract and the people and service we receive are consistently superior. Most recently, Ulises D. came out to service our heater and water heater for the season and he was punctual, polite and professional. No complaints here! Thank you Gundlach's.

By M Dokolas on Oct 28, 2017

Prompt, courteous, and very thorough. Highly recommended if you want the job done right the first time.

By Niko Livingston on Oct 17, 2017

They were both friendly and extremely helpful in getting my air conditioning up and running during a heat wave!

By Lisa Buckner on Sep 18, 2017

Great work. Found the problem very quickly and repaired it. AC back on and we are very thankful for the excellent work. Very knowledgeable and friendly, even under these extreme conditions. We will be glad to have Gundlachs back again. Thanks

By Terry O'Sullivan on Sep 01, 2017

By Sally Mitchell on Aug 24, 2017

By Paulette Allison on Aug 23, 2017

By Taylor Mannia on Aug 09, 2017

Sunday!! Pipes jammed!! Kitchen sink full of grey water!! Washer overflowing in garage!! Help. Called Gundlach's. Ben shows up ready to solve the problem. After having a look at the kitchen sink and overflowing washer in the garage, Ben locates a clean-out we didn't know existed, breaks out the tools and commences to address the clogged line. Few minutes later, bam, clogged line cleared. Ben even moves our washer back into place! As always, Gundlach's sends the best they have and we get the best service in the city.

By Michael Westfahl on Aug 08, 2017

Dan T was very knowledgeable and personable. He arrived promptly after I scheduled the service call. Upon arrival, he diagnosed the problem and quickly repaired the unit. Although it was late, abd hot on a Sunday evening, Dan never showed any irritation or displeasure for being called out. Thank you for your service sir, I would definitely use Gundlach's again.

By Oliver Currie on Jul 15, 2017

Ben was very professional and very courteous. I like that he took the time to explain what he was doing. Would highly recommend him to anyone needing Plumbing work.

By Jim Mccoy on Jul 05, 2017

By Roxann B on Jul 04, 2017

Gundlach provided excellent service!! The workers were professional , honest, neat and clean. When installing my new air conditioning unit, they did not leave any residual dust or dirt in the home. Also the staff took great care and worked efficiently to ensure my AC was installed before the next heat wave. -Perkins Family

By Shaakira J. on Jun 17, 2017

Great staff, very honest and timely. Great job!

By walter williams on May 24, 2017